Professional minibus hire sheffield minibus hire provides comfortable and relaxing transportation with personal service


Minibus hired was clean, comfortable and economical. We have minibus rental to accommodate up to 72 passengers, so it is easy to accommodate your event no matter the number of people. Maun Motors are commercial vehicle hire specialists. But, there is far more to Sheffield than nature. Coming from a smaller town nearby that has limited options to get you into Sheffield on your own terms? Professional minibus hire sheffield minibus hire provides comfortable and relaxing transportation with personal service. These includes the day of the week you need minibus hire, the minibus size that you need, the additional services needed. Seat Minibus Hire –. If you are looking to pick up a service for minibus hire Sheffield can be quite a hard place to pick from due to the sheer variety of options. Tonnes GVW – so in practice the maximum size of minibus you can hire is 14 passengers. Specialists in 17 seat minibus hire & self drive minibus rental. Minibusses with seating for 4 - 72 are available for hire on your date of travel. HomeVehicle17 Seat Minibus Hire –. We’d love to take care of your transportation needs and help you learn firsthand why we’re a name in minibus hire that people have trusted to get them where they’re going for so long. Today, it’s two main sides – Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday – are major pulls for support across the regional area. A personal driver will escort you to any location in Sheffield that you need to be, whether you’re traveling to a business meeting, a shopping excursion, or need to catch a flight Minibussesirport. Seen by many as the ‘home of football’ – the first ever football match took place here, between Sheffield and Hallam. Being so close to the M1, we are also ideally situated to serve London and subsequently we do a lot of van hire, truck hire and crane lorry hire business with companies based in the capital. In order to drive a 17 seat minibus commercially (i. There may be an additional cost for a PSV minibus over our standard minibuses. A 17 seat minibus will carry 16 passengers plus the driver. In fact, Sheffield is a special city for many reasons. Whether you are looking to come down and sample the sports or just to take place in the various arts and cultures that exist here, Minibus Comparison can help. With a population of just 570,000, Sheffield is one of the largest cities in England and is a major part of the history of England in so many ways. As a city that has an immensely important history within the culture, industry and sporting identity of England, a trip to Sheffield makes obvious sense.